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Recent Amgen Tour Passes By NABA Headquarters & Local Businesses


Newcastle's Own Marshall Square & Packing Sheds home to many local businesses!


Small, Medium and Home-Based Businesses are thriving in the Newcastle Area!

Newcastle Area Business Association

Newcastle Area Business Association

Retail, Construction & Business

Newcastle is Home to several commercial, retail, and business offices

why join NABA?

For a "small" cluster of towns, we sure have a broad reach within our community through our regular meetings, high school scholarship program, community events and our business owner network mixers.  Perhaps most of all is our traditional Mandarin Festival, founded and owned by NABA since 1993!  We're proud to celebrate our 25th Anniversary of the Mandarin Festival in 2018!  

If you're a business owner in Newcastle, Ophir or Penryn, contact us and JOIN today!

Contact NABA

P.O. Box 1023
Newcastle, CA  95658
Phone: 916-316-4335

About NABA

The Newcastle Area Business Association (NABA) was established in 1984 to promote local businesses in the greater Newcastle, Ophir and Penryn Area, and to support and participate in community activities and projects.  Find Out More...

2017 Board of Directors:

President:  Greg Lewis
Vice-Pres:  Al Blanca
Treasurer:  Jon Green
Members:  Jacqueline Garrens
Social & Publicity:  Bob Sterns
Political Liaison:  Elliott Rose
Director at Large:  Joe Irvin

Past President:  Jon Green