The Newcastle Area Business Association (NABA)

For a “small” cluster of towns, we sure have a broad reach within our community through our regular meetings, high school scholarship program, community events and our business owner network mixers.  Perhaps most of all is our traditional Mandarin Festival, founded and owned by NABA since 1993!

Promoting Local Business

The Newcastle Area Business Association (NABA) was established in 1984 to promote local businesses of the greater Newcastle, Ophir and Penryn area and to support and participate in community activities and projects.  Our current member base is uniquely comprised of several generations of business professionals and entrepreneurs sharing their business and industry knowledge and nostalgically reflecting on the history of what makes doing business in our area truly unique. This collective wisdom is a rare offering for business owners and entrepreneurs who choose to do business in this area. The nature of the organization is nonprofit, nonpartisan, and nonsectarian. NABA is legally sanctioned to operate as an extension of the Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce

Collaborating as a Community

Businesses serving our area gain a vital connection to the community through the Newcastle Business Area Association. With almost 50 members, NABA continues to reach area citizens through community assistance and public events like our Annual Scholarship Program and Mountain Mandarin Festival sponsorship. Since 1984, NABA has provided a platform and environment for members to grow and develop their businesses.  We are a professional group of members from different industries and backgrounds and welcome new and existing local businesses.

NABA Board of Directors

President – Mike Lutzker

Vice-President – Michael Gilligan

Treasurer – Jon Green

Technology – Matt Caplinger

Secretary – John Gillmore

Director at Large – Bob Hess

Agriculture Liaison – Rick Kennedy

Mandarin Festival – Gary Gilligan

Political Liaison – Elliott Rose

Membership – OPEN POSITION!

P.O. Box 1023
Newcastle, California 95658