Why Join NABA?

For what some may consider a "small" cluster of towns, we sure have a broad reach within our community through our regular meetings, scholarship fundraiser, community events and business owner association:

Monthly NABA Member Meetings 

Quarterly meetings, scheduled for the first Wednesday of each quarter month, offer a forum for relaxed networking, presentations from business experts and public officials, and finding out what is really happening in the Newcastle Area that will benefit your business. 

Annual Mountain Mandarin Festival - Sponsored by NABA!

When autumn days in the Placer County foothills are warm and the nights are cold, mandarin orange growers anxiously await the first blush of color on their fruit. Just before Thanksgiving, samples are eagerly tasted for sweetness and then long hours are spent hand-snipping each stem to bring in the first crop of the season for the Mandarin Festival.

The Mandarin Festival in November is an enormous welcome party for our mandarins (and community!) with good music, convivial company, and great food.  Last year's festival was enjoyed by over 30,000 people and this year's going to be even bigger! Open to the public, proceeds are used for NABA college scholarships for local high school students.

Annual NABA Scholarship Fundraiser

Five, $1,000 High School Senior Scholarships are made possible through proceeds from the annual Mountain Mandarin Festival - click here for more information about qualifications and how to enter your high school senior!

Contact NABA

P.O. Box 1023
Newcastle, CA  95658
Phone: 916-472-5763

About NABA

The Newcastle Area Business Association (NABA) was established in 1984 to promote local businesses in the greater Newcastle, Ophir and Penryn Area, and to support and participate in community activities and projects.  Find Out More...

2018 Board of Directors - NABA

President - Elliott Rose
Vice-President - Mike Lutzker
Treasurer - Jon Green
Membership:  Greg Lewis
Secretary - Jacqueline Garrens
Publicity/Social - Ryan DeMartini
Director at Large: Al Blanca
Director at Large:  Joe Irvin
Mandarin Festival: Gary Gilligan